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The resources you need to start your physical therapy or occupational therapy career off on the right foot.

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Are you looking to pursue a career in occupational therapy, physical therapy, or working through a DPT program? Upstream Rehabilitation can help you navigate the academic and post-grad challenges that can range from selecting the degree program that’s right for you, student observation opportunities, and post-graduation career questions to help you launch your physical therapy or occupational therapy career on the right foot.

Attention Students!

Upstream Rehabilitation is now offering a stipend to physical therapy students in their final year of school who participate in a clinical rotation at select Upstream locations. To learn more about the stipend program and eligible clinics, please contact us at:

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New PT Student

Upstream Rehabilitation has a passion for teaching and developing the next generation of physical therapists and occupational therapists. We offer employment opportunities, mentorship, and continuing education courses to continue your growth and leadership development.

We offer:

  • APTA credentialed clinical instructors
  • Clinical instructors with board certifications
  • Clinical instructors with a diverse array of specializations, including wound care, vestibular, lymphedema, pelvic health, and concussion management
  • Independent and group learning opportunities, including grand rounds, physician shadowing, and journal clubs
  • One free in-house continuing education course through IAMT during your third-year rotation


Students Love Their Rotation with Upstream Rehabilitation

Take a look at the encouraging response from our recent student exit survey and see why you should consider Upstream Rehabilitation for your next clinical rotation or partner with our family of brands to ensure your students are set up for success as they gain real-world clinical experience.

Atlanta Student Satisfaction Survey Results - Upstream Rehabilitation

Student Testimonial - Clinical Rotation Experience - Upstream Rehabilitation

Sparta Force Plate at Upstream Rehabilitation

A Clinical Rotation with Innovation At Its Core

At Upstream, we’re passionate about utilizing technology and other forms of innovation to help improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. Students who have a clinical rotation with us may be able to use some of the leading technology that we’re piloting across the organization. Some of the exciting technology and innovations we’re piloting to help improve the quality of care we provide include the Sparta Science force plate, Figur8 wearable sensors, and telehealth to improve access.

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