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Complimentary Injury Risk Assessments Via Cutting-Edge Technology Offered at Peak Physical Therapy During National Fall Prevention Month

DALLAS, TX., September 19, 2023 – Whether you are a weekend warrior or exercise every day, being active has its risks. September is National Fall Prevention Month and to help get ahead of an injury and fall, Peak Physical Therapy is offering adults complimentary injury and fall risk screenings using advanced force plate technology. The free screenings are being held 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., kicking off Sept. 25 and continuing through Oct. 31, at seven Peak Physical Therapy locations in the Greater Dallas area.

Participants will be screened by a licensed physical therapist utilizing a machine learning-based Movement Health technology developed by Sparta Science. Depending on the participant’s ability level, the test may consist of standing on a force plate, which resembles a bathroom scale, and performing a series of easy-to-do balance, jump or plank tasks. The data is then translated into a set of metrics that produces risk and performance scores. Based on those scores, PTs will give participants a personalized prescription for improving balance to prevent falls, building strength and endurance, and minimizing injury risk. PTs will also determine whether intervention tactics, such as physical therapy, can be beneficial.

The Sparta Science Movement Health Platform is a state-of-the-art mechanical sensing system that utilizes advanced data science techniques to measure strength, agility, balance, and more. Force plates, which measure the Ground Reaction Forces generated when someone stands or moves across them, have been utilized in biomechanics labs to track gait and balance. Now, physical therapists can use them in the clinic thanks to the data science expertise from companies like Sparta Science.

 Research shows that physical therapy significantly contributes to injury prevention and decreases risk of falls. A study by the Moran Company shows that emergency room visits and hospitalizations are lowest for patients who have had several PT sessions.  Also, overall PT users are 50% less likely to have injury-related hospitalization and 50% less likely to have injury-related ER visit in the six months following their initial fall. In addition, those participating in PT were 39% less likely to use opioids in the first six months after their initial fall.

Complimentary scans will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must be over the age of 18 and will need to bring a state-ID. To make an appointment, visit and select a clinic, a date and appointment range in the dropdown menu. A representative from Peak Physical Therapy will then call you to confirm your appointment time.

Sparta Science is proud to team up with Peak Physical Therapy to offer their technology to active adults in Dallas in hopes of preventing injuries and falls.

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