3 Patient Success Stories That Highlight the Value of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective treatment option for individuals who are looking to alleviate pain, restore function, improve mobility, avoid costly surgeries, and get back to doing the things they love most. Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands are passionate about helping individuals alleviate pain and improve their overall health.

Take a look at some of these inspirational patient success stories from Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands that highlight the value of physical therapy.

“I started having horrible lower back pains … I was pain-free not long after meeting your wonderful therapist”
“Well, a little bit about me, I am 70 years young and I’ve always been athletic. I was a runner for about 30 years until my knees did not let me run anymore and I’ve always lifted weights and been, you know, a pretty healthy gal. Then last year in January, I started having horrible lower back pains. And they got worse, and worse, and worse, and finally, I went to two surgeons who told me that I had to have surgery and a fusion no less.

“So I called my doctor, said I’m not going to do the surgery right now. I need to go to physical therapy. I had heard something about BenchMark. I think through a friend as being a wonderful organization so that was the referral that I took advantage of by coming here. I was pain-free not long after meeting your wonderful therapist, Jeff McIntyre.”

“He knows exactly what to do to get you out of pain. And he, in our first meeting, explained things so clearly to me that I had a lot of confidence in him and as we continued to work together, Jeff was able to hands-on manipulate my spine area a little bit and give me exercises to do here and at home. So that once I was out of pain, I could stay out of pain. I can ride my bike. I can take long walks. I can go up to North Georgia and hike to my heart’s content.”


“Now I can do the sports I enjoy doing”
Harry M.
“I led an active life up until just over a year and a half ago when my shoulder finally wore out on me. Love to play basketball, it’s one of my passions. Play drums [at] church every Sunday morning. Got to the point where I couldn’t even raise my bath towel above my shoulder. So that was when I saw the doctors and they did a full reverse shoulder replacement on me and then found myself here.”

“I think the thing that impressed me the most and surprised me the most was that when I first got here, Ally, my physical therapist, asked me what my goal was, and I told her that I wanted to be able to play basketball and play drums again by June. She said that was a good goal. So I liked the fact that she asked me what I wanted from myself versus just kind of giving me some sort of prescribed basic level of therapy, just to kind of restore some basic function. Well, I’m back to doing a lot of the things that I’ve enjoyed doing. Now that I’ve gone through the therapy and everything, it’s restored obviously the basic functions but you know, now I can do the sports I enjoy doing. Most of them.”

“I’m really thrilled that I selected you guys because I like to remain active and I now see that I can in fact do that. Now, I get to go outside and go skiing, and play basketball, and go for a run, and do all the stuff that I love to do and do that with all of my family and friends.”


“I was looking for someone who had a great deal of clinical experience … I am very pleased that Drayer Physical Therapy was recommended to me”
Mike M.
“Hi, my name is Mike. I am a retired physical therapist and retired physical therapy professor here in Pennsylvania. … I knew I was going to need a knee replacement. So one of the graduates at the university where I used to teach, in fact many of them live in the area, and I spoke with them. One, in particular, recommended a particular surgeon and Drayer PT had a facility right on that same campus and he was working for Drayer. So [I] had the surgery done, attended physical therapy there, great outcome, was very pleased with how everything went.”

“… I was looking for someone who had a great deal of clinical experience in working with someone who had a partial rotator cuff tear. The therapist down at the Drayer Institute suggested Mike. That’s how Mike and I connected. … I’m happy that I chose Drayer because of the outcome. I was very hopeful that I would attain what I attained. Pain-free, full range, back to doing what I would like to do. I was happy also because [of] the way that Mike and I worked together.”

“He was interrogative, I asked any question I wanted. He asked me a lot of questions. It was not just therapist to patient-driven. It was very much a level playing field if you will, which I found was very important. Location was very important to me. It was only fifteen minutes from home. Scheduling was easy. … Here things ran on time. … To put it all together, I am very pleased that Drayer Physical Therapy was recommended to me. I’m very pleased with how things went. I’m especially pleased with the outcomes.”

Alleviate Aches and Pains with Physical Therapy

The patient success stories above are just a few of the many great stories we get to hear on a daily basis at Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands in our nationwide clinics. Physical therapy is an effective treatment option for alleviating aches and pains, post-surgery recovery, and helping you get back to doing the things you love most pain-free.

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