Improving Clinical Performance with Keet Health

One of the core commitments we have at Upstream Rehabilitation is to provide high-quality care. Upstream and our family of brands strive to deliver exceptional levels of care to our patients so they can get back to doing the things they love most. In our efforts to continually deliver exceptional care, we’re proud to implement new initiatives that are designed to track our progress and help us ensure that we continue to deliver industry-leading outcomes.

One of those programs is our Keet Health initiative, an outcomes platform designed to help measure success. Learn more about Upstream Rehabilitation’s Keet Health initiative.

Measure Functional Outcomes and Success

Upstream Rehabilitation utilizes Keet Health platform, a national clinical outcomes tracking tool that helps Upstream Rehabilitation and our clinicians measure outcomes and track our success. Keet Health utilizes nationally recognized patient-reported outcome measures to measure clinician and patient success towards improving function. This system helps us excel at collecting, measuring, and delivering superior patient-reported clinical outcomes and give us another opportunity to recognize associates who continually deliver the best quality of care to our patients. With the Keet Health program and company-wide clinical quality initiatives, we’re able to improve clinic performance and drive meaningful patient outcomes to ensure that our patients can get back to doing the things they love most.

Tracking Higher than National Average

Using the Keet Health platform, we’re also able to monitor and evaluate our outcomes across the industry, and Upstream Rehabilitation is pleased to say that we’re currently tracking higher than the national average (when compared to all other physical therapists across the United States) in overall level of patient improvement as well as in the percentage of people that meet meaningful change scores. Keet Health is helping us identify trends and gain insights to make sure that we’re always working to improve the quality of care that we provide for our patients. In doing so, we can ensure that we continue to make informed decisions and deliver effective treatments.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

When we leverage tools to improve the quality of care we can provide patients, we’re able to effectively deliver better treatment to our patients and improve their satisfaction throughout their course of care. Our Google Reviews across the nation speak volumes about our ability to deliver effective care to our patients. Across the country, Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands have over 42,000 reviews with an average of a 4.9 star rating.

Strive For Clinical Excellence in Your Physical Therapy Career with Upstream Rehabilitation

Hear from our Chief Clinical Officer, Craig O’Neil, on the importance clinical excellence is in everything we do here at Upstream Rehabilitation.
“We have 4 primary focus areas across the organization that we collectively focus on. Access, intensity, quality and efficiency. We see in our clinical outcomes, when these areas are done well, the magnitude and consistency of our outcomes improve in direct correlation.

Access – This is simply making sure patients can get in to be seen in a timely and convenient manner. We can’t have a meaningful impact on a patient’s life if we don’t get them in quickly on a path to recovery and we know making patients wait for care leads to poor outcomes and increased expenses for the patients.

Intensity – The intensity focus is making sure we see the patients back quickly after their initial evaluation and delivering highly impactful and evidence-based care early in their plan of care. This quick follow up ensures our initial treatment is effective, allows us to offer ongoing pain relief and re-assurance, begin to build and progress the patients program on a path to their best life. This is dependent on our clinicians having an expansive evidence-based skill set and understanding what is important to the patient.

Quality – This is simply ensuring we provide best practice care – which is effective, comprehensive, individualized, and progressive. We measure this utilizing our Keet Health patient reported outcome measures and ultimately though our patient success stories, patient’s recommendations to others and our ongoing physician support. We know patients and providers have a choice and the burden is on us to make sure we deliver on our quality promise.

Efficiency – The efficiency focus is simply making sure we maximize our quality time spent with patients, to allow our therapists to meet their individual needs, deliver meaningful patient education, deliver great hands-on care and delivering patient specific functional training and exercise programs. Ensuring there is room on the schedule to see both new and follow up patients, and using the time across the full week effectively allows us to accomplish our patient needs and be good stewards of the business.

“We are very proud of our commitment to clinical excellence and outstanding patient care supported by a clinician driven operating team. This allows us to continually deliver best in class clinical outcomes across our entire network of clinics.”

Clinical excellence is a core tenant of everything we do at Upstream Rehabilitation. In our continual pursuit of excellence, we’re always looking to implement new programs and initiatives that will help us improve patient satisfaction and deliver the highest quality of care to our patients and drive industry-leading clinical outcomes. If you’re passionate about clinical excellence and want to join an organization that puts it at the core of everything we do, then you should pursue a career with Upstream Rehabilitation!

Browse and apply to our open physical therapy jobs across the country for both clinical and non-clinical PT positions, and choose Upstream Rehabilitation to elevate your physical therapy career!